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3D Scanning in Munich: Part 2

The third week of our scanning campaign begins with minor problems. Very rough surfaces and casting seams can cause the tiniest gaps in the model, so extra care is needed when scanning. It’s all...


3D Scanning in Munich: Part 1

From 28 February to 27 March 2024, the 3D lab will be in Munich for a scanning campaign at the Museum für Abgüsse Klassischer Bildwerke. We were warmly welcomed by Dr Andrea Schmölder-Veit, Dr...


What makes Claudius?

This Tuesday the team from the 3D-Lab was on the road again. This time we traveled to the August-Kestner-Museum in Hannover, which we already visited in August 2020 to scan some their terracottas for...


Teaching Roman portraiture with digital methods

Roman portraits, especially portraits of emperors, are a key genre for Classical Archaeologists. Of course Roman emperors didn’t look like their statues. Most portraits use a language in their imagery to portrait the depicted...

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