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The Bath of the Architect Hippias

A student teaching project in winter semester 2018/19 Under the name of the Greek author Lucian, a praise of the architect Hippias has come down to us, who is praised for the construction of...


Objects in cross-examination

Contact persons: Prof. Dr. Martin Langner, Prof. Dr. Caroline Sporleder Since October 2016, a remote learning application has been developed that first of all strives to impart forms of reflection and argumentation and secondly...


Digitzing Collections

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Martin Langner The Archaeological Institute has started to digitize parts of its antiquities collection in high-resolution scans. Precise 3D scans of ancient sculptures allow, for example, a computer-aided shape comparison...

Our Team 0

Our Team

Head: Prof. Dr. Martin Langner Team: Lucie Böttger, Alexander Zeckey

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